Rugs as statement pieces

Elevate Your Home Décor with Bold Patterns & Colours

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Rugs with bold colours and patterns will enhance any room and give an interesting twist to your home decor. Here are some things to remember when using rugs to elevate your space.

Consider the size

Choose a rug size that complements the scale of the room. A larger rug can make a bold statement and anchor the space, while a smaller rug can add a pop of colour and pattern to a specific area. You can see our tips for selecting the right size rug for your space here.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Opt for rugs in bold, vibrant colours that catch the eye and add energy to the room. Think rich reds, deep blues, or striking yellows to make a splash.
We are loving the Lusca rug - a true statement piece that will get your guests talking with its angular shapes and eye-popping hues.

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Mix and match textures

Play with different textures in your décor to add dimension to the space. Pair a bold rug with softer textures like linen for a cosy and inviting feel.

Embrace bold patterns

Look for rugs with eye-catching patterns like geometric designs or intricate motifs. These patterns can add depth and visual interest to your space.
Our Elmer rug features a striking and sophisticated pattern in liquorice tones, which is guaranteed to add texture to any room.

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Balance with solids

Pair your bold rug with solid-coloured furniture and décor to create a balanced look. This helps prevent the room from feeling too busy and allows the rug to be the focal point.

Layer with neutrals

If you're worried about overwhelming the room with too much colour and pattern, consider layering a bold rug over a neutral carpet or flooring. This allows the rug to stand out without dominating the space.
The Tulia rug is a great choice to add a beautiful pop of colour on a light floating timber floor in your neutral or Scandi themed home.  

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Accessorise thoughtfully

Use décor accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and wall art to complement the colours and patterns in your rug. This helps tie the room together and creates a cohesive look.

Try bringing the outdoors in with the Salp rug. Made from 100% NZ wool, it pairs beautifully with natural timber furniture and indoor plants.

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Maintenance and care

Regularly vacuum and spot clean your rug to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. Proper maintenance will ensure that your statement rug remains a focal point of your décor for years to come. 

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