Take a seat with our Newbry Dining Chair

Elevating your space can come down to lots of small decisions, including introducing the right pieces of furniture. That’s where our Newbry Dining Chair in Green come into play. This trendy set of two presents the perfect minimalist chair to look for when revamping your  dining, living, study space or bedroom, certain to introduce an air of industrial style and modern sophistication.

Built to last, this chair features winged arm rests, a wide cushioned seat and upholstered linen meaning comfort is a given for any occasion. Specially designed to work with any interior style or colour scheme, the Newbry chair can be added to any room including dining and living areas, as well as the home study or office.

Not only should your chair be comfortable, it should also match the aesthetic of your overall space. The Newbry Chair adopts fine lines and sharp angles with a modern minimalism and simplistic design that will blend right in, no matter how big or small your space is. These chairs can be placed in any sized home; from a high-rise apartment to a stylish beach house, making them a popular addition to any setting.

Pairing with dining tables, desks, or even standing alone as a trendy occasional, the versatility of this chair is shown as you can feature it in any room of your house, as a statement piece thanks to its rich green hue.

By choosing the Newbry dining chair you are setting the tone for how you want your space to look and feel, which greatly impacts your environment and will remain a staple in your home for many years to come.

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