Styling Spotlight - Bedside Table

A bedside table is often overlooked when it comes to styling – but it doesn’t have to be!
Using our best-selling Airlie Bedside Set, we will show you three easy ways to elevate your bedside table, depending on your particular style preference.
Styling Spotlight - Bedside Table


For those who see their bedside table as a practical storage area, you can still cleverly style it with your everyday items.
Arrange your reading glasses alongside the novel you’re reading with a textured, ceramic lamp.
If you’re someone who always needs to be hydrated, swap the old drink bottle beside your bed with a small jug and a colourful ribbed water glass. Make sure to keep them on the far side of your bedside table to avoid any spills!

Style Seeker

Prefer a beautiful, visual space over practicality? For style seekers who want to make a statement, opt for some coffee table books and a contemporary vase.
Floral arrangements are a gorgeous way to bring the outdoors in. Best of all, you can constantly update them with different plants and colours, creating a subtle change to the overall look of your room.


Styling Spotlight: Bedside Table


Turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.
Create a spa-like ambience by putting a scented candle or room spray on your bedside table.
Include a small trinket bowl for your jewellery and keep a funky mug on display for when you want to snuggle in bed with a cup of tea.
Regardless of your personal style, it is important to conceal any unnecessary clutter.
Keep things like tissues, eye drops and body lotion in the drawers of your bedside table so they don’t disturb your carefully crafted aesthetic! If you’re looking to update your bedside table as well as the style, you can explore out full range of bedside tables.

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