How to create a practical office space

Austin desk home office furniture

Creating a home office or study that you’re excited to spend time in is so important. From storage through to styling, we'll help you enhance the look and feel of this all-important space! Explore our collection of stylish office furniture that has been designed with everyday functionality in mind

Austin desk in Oak


When planning your home office space, one of the most important considerations should be your desk. If you have a small space, our Austin Desk is perfect as it will help you maximise space while also giving you enough space to get your work done. No need to negotiate on storage, the Austin desk features a handy drawer for all your stationery storage needs. Available in two refreshing and versatile colourways, the Austin desk is designed to suit any office style.  

Soft Storange Range

In need of storage? Our storage towers are perfect as they double as a deep book shelf! Create a considered style with the black or white colourway and add in a splash of your favourite colour with your books, containers or baskets, and even a plant or two. The storage tower allows you to seamlessly store away all your office documents and features a concealed storage option (ideal for afternoon snack cravings). 

Round dining table and newbry green dining chairs

Our range of dining chairs will pair beautifully with your new home office. Not only are they comfortable, they also help to create a styling aesthetic that you'll look forward to spending time in. For a tranquil yet functional workspace try our green Newbry chair, with a touch of colour that will help to inspire creative ideas. Or for a more casual style, look no further than the Samara chair which blends seamlessly with our entire range of desk and table furniture options. 

Round dining table in black with Samara dining chairs

If you’re wanting to create a collaborative break out room or brainstorming area, round tables are always a great idea as they encourage conversation and connectivity. Perfect for informal meetings, our 4-seater round table makes it easy for everyone at the table to communicate and contribute ideas. Equally functional and stylish, its finished with an MDF tabletop and has rubberwood legs for extra stability.  

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